The Campaign

The 2018 “Stop. What Can I Do Now?” Campaign

The primary cause of climate disruption and sea level rise is carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels (gasoline, coal, oil, and natural gas) which power our cars and homes and produce the goods we consume.

In 2018, the “Stop. What Can I Do Now?” Campaign will launch several pilot projects–small group training sessions to inspire adoption of easy, low-carbon lifestyle choices. Pre-and post-training assessments will measure program effectiveness.

Participants in our trainings enjoy these campaign benefits:

  • Deep satisfaction in caring for creation and embodying our deepest values
  • Saving money by reducing energy bills
  • An education on the most important actions–where to begin and what to do
  • Peace of mind associated with leaving a better world for our children and future generations

We expect the pilot phase will keep 400,000 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere each year going forward.

Higher Ground’s three-year 2019-2021 Goal: 10% of Charleston’s households will participate in our trainings and this will prevent the burning of 50 million pounds of CO2, annually.


Click here to measure your household footprint and compare it to other households around the world. 

Click here to purchase the Empowerment Institute workbook, the foundation of Higher Ground’s program.