Ground Breaker Values

You’ll find when you engage with Higher Ground that you’re joining a growing community of Ground Breakers. You’ll be participating in a kinder and more compassionate conversation about our community’s environmental challenges. Higher Ground understands that each of us carries a deep hope for the future and a common desire to do what’s right to prepare for what’s ahead and prevent further harm. We invite program participants to talk about the people and things that are most important to them–all views are welcome. Then, Higher Ground builds from a shared ethic to inspire and support not just temporary behavior change but the more substantive goal of sustained personal transformation.

Specifically, Ground Breakers:

  • Begin with gratitude. We appreciate the wealth of the world and the abundance we are fortunate to receive from the earth
  • Explore lives of meaning and ways to express our humanity through everyday actions of love, connection, and healing
  • Bravely investigate the consequences of our choices
  • Are willing to do that which is easy and also consider doing more difficult, big actions–those that challenge us but produce major results
  • Don’t go it alone. We come together in small groups to make friends, support peer-to-peer learning, and share our skills and know-how
  • Understand we’re just beginning (or continuing) what is a larger low-carbon journey
  • Celebrate climate-friendly actions because they feel good!