Climate Justice & Behavior Activism

Photo Courtesy of Katy Roberts

There is a very strong correlation between big incomes and big carbon footprints.

The poorest 50% of people worldwide are responsible for only 10% of global CO2 emissions.


That’s right. Studies now show that–due to lifestyles of travel and consumption– the richest 10% of people worldwide are responsible for 49% of all CO2 emissions.

Further analysis reveals people with advanced education–often those most concerned about climate disruption–create the most harm. It’s a tough pill to swallow but often the more we care the higher our impact!

People everywhere are waking to the fact that with eco-privilege comes the very real responsibility of self awareness and moderation. Our deepest aspirations for a just world depend on it.

Caring for the environment is caring for people.

Climate justice is social justice.


Higher Ground’s programs help folks with eco-privilege break society’s dominant high-consumption trends to usher in new social norms. By making carbon-friendly lifestyle choices, we can reduce our household carbon footprints to at least half America’s national average–to 27,000 lbs or less of CO2 emissions annually. (Note: systemic shifts in transportation, energy, and agriculture will make it possible to realize the ultimate goal of zero carbon emissions.)

This is the new field of Behavior Activism–where lives of privilege look different from societal norms because of the intentional choices we make to live lightly so others may live. Behavior Activism is essential if humanity is to finally realize a just and sustainable world.