Photos and Video Courtesy of Katy Roberts Media
Logo Art Courtesy of Mary Edna Fraser

Higher Ground envisions a just, safe, and resilient Lowcountry that is a beacon of light in our state and beyond; a place where folks are in right relationship with each other, the land, and water and prepare for climate disruption through friendships, compassionate dialogue, understanding, and skillful action.

Welcome to Higher Ground. We’re happy you’ve taken time to check out what we’re up to. But, given the excitement that’s building around our programs, we’re actually not surprised you’re here!

You see, many of us value the Lowcountry’s incredible landscape–a terrain that can’t quite decide if it’s water or earth. We appreciate life on the water’s edge because the interplay shapes our history, cuisine, economy and recreational pleasures and it’s a constant source of profound and evolving beauty.

Unfortunately, many of us also recognize the Lowcountry’s landscape and people are at risk . Increasingly, local streets flood on sunny days. There are more storms and hurricanes and they are more dangerous. Between deluges, dry spells negatively impact plants, animals and agriculture. Shifting climate patterns are putting property, lives, and our rich Lowcountry culture at risk. For good reason, area residents are concerned.

There are many opinions about why climate disruption is happening and who is to blame. The good news is we don’t have to agree on the why’s or the who’s in order to prepare ourselves for what’s happening and to prevent additional harm because we know¬† the every-day actions we take now can significantly help the situation.

So, Higher Ground is bringing people together in creative ways to have fun, learn about the impacts of every-day actions, encourage alternative ways of being and doing, and feel really good about being part of the climate solution!

Higher Ground is a patriotic bunch. We love our country and our community and aim to protect our way of life. We are exploring climate risks, finding solutions we can implement right away, and addressing values and feelings triggered in the process. Like all patriots, we serve a cause larger than ourselves for the greater good. Our work safeguards a future for this and future generations and we persist because it’s the right thing to do.


Higher Ground cannot succeed without you. This is why we are grateful that you’re here and getting involved. We’re happy you share a love for this place, these people, and freedoms we enjoy in a life at the water’s edge. “We the people” need not wait for others! Together, we can take personal responsibility for making lifestyle choices that protect what we cherish. We can be a shining example to all.