Preventing Harm

The “Stop. What Can I Do Now?” Campaign

Most people understand their daily decisions can either help or hurt the planet’s atmosphere. What’s more, nearly everyone believes it’s their responsibility to contribute to the well-being of this and future generations. But there is a disconnect between our awareness and our behavior.

People want to know:

  • Is climate change really so bad?
  • How can I be with this difficulty?
  • What are the most important actions?
  • Does what I do make a difference?

Higher Ground’s  “Stop. What Can I Do Now?” campaign answers these questions with well-tested science, a proven method of social change, and justifiable hope. In small study groups,  the campaign’s four-session training program will  consider

  • risks the Lowcountry is now facing
  • a menu of every day actions–essential elements to a comprehensive solution
  • the values and feelings associated with our human response

Click here to purchase the Empowerment Institute workbook, the foundation of Higher Ground’s program